Fringe Player: Lunatic Fringe on Mac OS X

Fringe Player is an application that brings the classic game Lunatic Fringe to Mac OS X.

Lunatic Fringe is a fast-paced space combat game not unlike Asteroids and Maelstrom. It was written by Ben Haller as an After Dark screen saver module. Unfortunately, After Dark is long obsolete, leaving Lunatic Fringe unplayable on newer machines — until now.

Fringe Player runs in the Classic environment, controlling the Lunatic Fringe screen saver module. It takes the place of After Dark itself. Fringe Player is not a complete screen saver; its sole purpose is to play Lunatic Fringe.


Fringe (15 KB)


Fringe Player may run on true Mac OS 9 systems, but this has never been tested.


  1. Run Fringe Player.
  2. Set options as desired.
  3. Click Play.



Fringe Player is copyright © 2004 Greg Parker. All rights reserved. Fringe Player may be freely distributed, but it may not be modified or sold.

Lunatic Fringe was written by Ben Haller and is copyright © 1991-1993 Berkeley Systems. You may not distribute Lunatic Fringe without their permission (or the permission of whoever owns the rights to After Dark now).

Thanks to Steve Falkenburg and the Twilight Zone Hack for providing GetOSEvent enlightenment.

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