TI-85 Assembler Programming

This page has been unchanged for many years. I myself moved on to other projects long ago. You may still find the information here useful, and I highly recommend ticalc.org for more up-to-date resources.

This page contains lessons on how to program the TI-85 calculator in Z80 assembly language. The lessons are designed for people who have never programmed in assembler before.

Online lessons:

  • Data and Memory
  • Data and Registers
  • The LD instruction
  • The INC and DEC instructions
  • ROM Calls and Numeric Output
  • Text Output
  • Program Jumps
  • "if" statements
  • Loops using "if" statements
  • Key Input
  • Using TASM to assemble programs
  • Using CAZ to assemble programs
  • A Sample Program
  • Loops using DJNZ

  • Useful information:

  • Legal LD uses table lists the allowed ways to use LD. (by John Powers)
  • Table of GET_KEY keycodes lists the keycodes returned by GET_KEY in hex and decimal format. Note that these codes are different from the ones used in TI_BASIC.
  • The ZShell Function Library documents all of the ZShell functions - GET_KEY, D_HL_DECI, and the rest. It's now at TICALC.ORG in the Assembly Language section.
  • Routines for plotting pixels which are used in nearly every program. It's now part of the ZShell Function Library document, which is at TICALC.ORG in the Assembly Language section.
  • Other sites:

  • TICALC.ORG - The best TI calculator site in the known universe. Includes programs, computer software, programming and assembly info, specs for all TI graphing calculators, etc. If it's not here, it probably doesn't exist - but there's a collection of links in case you want to look somewhere else.

  • Lesson archives:

  • Zipped (43 K)
  • BinHexed and Stuffed (34 K)

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