pssh: SSH 2 for Palm OS 5

pssh is a free, open-source SSH 2 client for Palm OS 5.


  • SSH 2 protocol using 3DES or AES-128 ciphers
  • Fast authentication and encryption using ARM-native code
  • Support for public-key authentication and host key verification
  • High quality VT100/VT220/xterm terminal emulator
  • Up to 80 x 53 character display on 320x320 screen
  • Support for large screens with virtual Graffiti areas
  • Customizable font colors and sizes
  • Full-size on-screen keyboard
  • Palm 5-Way Navigator acts as CTRL/ESC key and arrow keys
  • Thumb wheel press acts as CTRL/ESC key
  • Complete source code distributed under BSD- and MIT-style licenses


pssh is substantially UNTESTED and probably INSECURE. Do not use it for security-critical applications.


pssh version 2005-06-23
prc binary (297 KB)
tar.gz archive (157 KB)
zip archive (158 KB)

pssh version 2005-06-23 (source code)
tar.gz archive (430 KB)
zip archive (738 KB)

pssh requires about 300 KB of storage and several hundred KB of heap memory to run.

New in this version:

  • Fixed crash during connection when the server sends a login banner.

Current test version: none.
See the release history for older versions, test versions, and change logs.


Mailing lists

pssh-announce: announcements of new versions of pssh
pssh-users: general discussion of pssh


Send bug reports, feature suggestions, and patches to Greg Parker (


Portions of this software are copyrighted by:
Greg Parker
Tatu Ylonen, Markus Friedl, Niels Provos, and the OpenSSH Project
Eric Young and the OpenSSL Project
Simon Tatham and the PuTTY Team
Aaron Gifford
Lauri Aarnio
See the README and README.licenses files for details.

If you need SSH 1 or support for Palm OS 4 and earlier, try TuSSH or TGssh.
pssh emacs screenshot
pssh tetris screenshot
pssh connection screenshot
pssh password screenshot
pssh hostkey screenshot

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