XEmacs for Darwin / MacOS X

This page is obsolete. Darwin and Mac OS X are supported quite well in recent versions of XEmacs. See Fink for relatively easy installation of XEmacs and other Unix progams.

This is a port of XEmacs to Darwin / Mac OS X running X Windows ( XFree86 or Tenon's Xtools).


28 May 2001: New patch for XEmacs 'gamma' version 21.4.3. Thanks to XEmacs developer extraordinare Martin Buchholz for cleaning up the port. The next XEmacs beta release (21.5.2) should have Darwin support built in with no need for a patch.

2 April 2001: New patches for XEmacs beta version 21.2.46, which uses pdump instead of unexdyld. The binary has not been updated.

8 Jan 2001: Added Graham Reed's changes which should fix bootstrapping problems. Added Steve Nygard's unexdyld changes which should fix binary format problems. The binary has not been updated.


If you use this patch successfully for a week or more, please email me. This patch will be rolled into XEmacs 21.4 if people are using it without problems.

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How to get X Windows on Darwin / MacOS X:
Greg Parker gparker-xemacs@sealiesoftware.com